Sunday, February 4, 2024

In the land of oil and sand so far away,
Where tensions rise and conflicts start to fray,
The United States has led the way,
With strikes in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, they say.

It began on January twenty-eighth,
A remote outpost under attack,
Three soldiers lost, their lives at stake,
In a drone strike, an ambush from the black.

From Iraq, they say, the missile came,
Launched by an Iran-backed militia's hand,
A tragic loss, a spark of flame,
For the United States, it was hard to withstand.

President Biden vowed to respond,
To break the cycle and bring justice near,
To those who seek to hurt their bond,
Retaliation was what he held dear.

Days passed, and whispers filled the air,
Would it be an eye for an eye?
Calls for strikes against Iran's lair,
Yet Biden was resolved to minimize the sky.

A wider conflict he sought to prevent,
A cautious path he chose to tread,
For beyond the battles, lives are spent,
And peace should be the path he led.

As the sun set on January's end,
A decision made, a plan in place,
The retaliation Biden would send,
To hold those responsible with grace.

The timeline now unfolds,
As bombs fall on Iranian arms,
A message to those who cause chaos and bold,
That consequences come without alarms.

From Jordan's remote outpost to the Middle East,
A web of tension interlaced,
The United States fights to keep the peace,
In this troubled realm, a treacherous space.

So let us hope for wiser days ahead,
Where conflicts cease and peace may thrive,
As battles rage and lives are shed,
May diplomacy keep the hope alive.

In this timeline of strikes and strife,
A reminder of the turmoil unfurled,
May peace be the refrain of life,
And harmony be the world's enduring herald.

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