Monday, February 5, 2024

In the realm of pixels and bytes,
On the canvas of the digital night,
A game began, oh what a sight,
On 4chan’s realm of darkest might.

Taylor Swift, a figure of grace,
With strings of melodies in her chase,
But on this board, malice embraced,
To see if they could leave a trace.

Artificial intelligence, a tool so grand,
To create images with a wicked hand,
A challenge posed, they could not withstand,
To mock and defile, the digital band.

From the depths of 4chan's lair,
The images arose, spreading like a flare,
A synthetic Swift, beyond compare,
Exploitation, far beyond fair.

With every click, the images grew,
Spreading like wildfire, consumed by the few,
Millions they viewed, without a clue,
Of the game played by trolls, so cruel.

But fans of Swift, they quickly arose,
Protecting their queen from these digital foes,
Their love unwavering, like a crimson rose,
In defense of her virtue, they chose.

Lawmakers joined the battle’s blaze,
Demanding justice, and stronger arrays,
To protect against these monstrous displays,
Of A.I.-created images, a wicked haze.

And so, on the canvas of the internet's maze,
The game played on, in the darkest of ways,
But in the face of hatred, Swift's light will blaze,
For in her music, love forever stays.

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