Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Tax Season's Villain

In tax season's gloom,
Misery fills the room,
Blaming I.R.S,
For a painful mess.

But listen closely,
For the truth you'll see,
The villain's not the taxman,
But a system not well-planned.

Filing should be a breeze,
No burdensome fees,
Just like in lands afar,
Where taxes aren't bizarre.

Oh, America, wake up,
From this convoluted setup,
Why must we endure,
A tax system so obscure?

Bureaucracy entwined,
Complexity defined,
Forcing us to seek aid,
Our pockets left dismayed.

The culprit is not I.R.S,
But a system that won't progress,
Let's demand a change,
And free us from this strange.

Simplicity we plead,
No more wallets in need,
Let tax filing be free,
For all the land to see.

So rise up, dear nation,
Demand tax liberation,
Let's reform and clear,
The villain from tax season's sphere.

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