Thursday, January 18, 2024

In the realm of global powers, Iran takes its stand,
Its missile capability forcing the West's hand.
Once doubted for accuracy, now a formidable might,
Churning out drones, taking the world by surprise.

Cyberweapons were their arsenal, their secret affair,
But now they've elevated, making adversaries beware.
The Sands Casino fell victim to their crippling strike,
Iran's threat overshadowed, China and Russia in sight.

But now they've shown their strength with drones in the air,
Launching attacks against terrorists, they swear.
Pakistan, in response, retaliated in kind,
Missile strikes on extremists, fury intertwined.

Mark Esper, former defense secretary, warned with care,
Iran supplies, supports, disrupts life everywhere.
The Houthis in the Red Sea, their mounting attacks,
A plan to deal with Iran, the West must now enact.

Together, Western democracies and Arab states unite,
To halt these flows, bring an end to the fight.
Iran's missile capability, a wake-up call for all,
A reminder of the power they possess, standing tall.

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