Tuesday, January 16, 2024

In the depths of Gaza, a secret lies concealed,
A fortress hidden, unbeknownst to those revealed.
With a subterranean web, they've crafted their scheme,
A labyrinth of tunnels, an architect's dream.

Beneath the hospital's halls, undetected it lay,
Stretching three football fields, cunningly away.
A car could be driven by the top Hamas elite,
Through these winding paths, hidden and discreet.

Deep under a commander's house, a staircase did descend,
Seven stories below, a tunnel without end.
The Israeli military, astonished and amazed,
Unearthed their secret lair, with hearts ablaze.

The tunnels, a major threat that could not be ignored,
A subterranean menace that Israel had explored.
But even they were surprised by what they did find,
The scope and depth of these tunnels, a different kind.

Videos and photographs, in evidence were shared,
To show the world the scale of what they had prepared.
Machinery, unfamiliar, used to construct their keep,
Hamas had built a network, hidden and deep.

Now, the Israeli military believes there's even more,
A vast underground network, unseen before.
From an estimated 250 miles, it has grown,
To 350 or even 450, a secret they've sown.

In a territory, just 25 miles long at its best,
Thousands of shafts lead down, put to the test.
A challenge for Israel, to defend and to strategize,
As Hamas's tunnels continue to mesmerize.

In the depths of Gaza, secrecy and surprise,
A subterranean fortress, hidden from prying eyes.
But the truth has been uncovered, the world now aware,
Of the tunnels that lay beneath, a silent nightmare.

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