Monday, January 15, 2024

In ancient lands far and wide,
A tale of discounts let us confide.
For Apple, the mighty tech brand,
Decided to change its well-known stand.

In China's vast and bustling domain,
Where loyal customers did wane,
Apple resolved to make a shift,
To lure back shoppers with a gift.

Discounts on iPhones, a rare sight to see,
A tempting offer, a great guarantee.
$70 less, a small respite,
For those who longed for a price more bright.

The MacBook Air, a laptop grand,
Also received a helping hand.
$112 deducted from its price,
A gesture to entice, enthrall, and entice.

But why this change, this sudden turn?
To discounts, Apple did reluctantly adjourn.
Chinese consumers, once so true,
Now drift towards a brand that's new.

Patriotic hearts, fierce and bold,
Choose domestic brands to hold.
For tensions rise between two giants,
As Beijing and Washington enter the clients.

Huawei, Apple's rival strong,
Both caught within this tangled throng.
Technological battles they fiercely fight,
As countries restrict their access, with might.

Suspicion grows with every day,
Where Huawei's ties some dare to say,
Could link closely with governments' might,
And fears of spying in the night.

American officials, ever on guard,
Halt purchases, devices barred.
Huawei's reach must be constrained,
To safeguard from risks that can't be feigned.

So Apple stumbles in this new land,
Seeking to grasp a wavering hand.
Discounts are their unlikely plea,
To win back hearts and loyalty.

Oh, Apple, with your sleek design,
Through challenges, you must align.
In China's vast and patriotic sphere,
May your discounts make your fortunes clear.

The battle rages, the stakes are high,
But Apple's spirit, it shall not die.
In this ever-changing technological race,
May they find a lasting, steadfast embrace.

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