Sunday, January 14, 2024

In winter's chill, a frosty blast arrives,
As sub-zero wind chills blanket the land.
From Montana to the western Dakotas,
The icy grip tightens its frozen hand.

Minus seventy, a numbing, bitter cold,
A frigid touch that bites right to the bone.
The Great Lakes, beaming with ethereal white,
As snowflakes dance and twirl in grace alone.

The Northeast, where snow squalls may descend,
With winter's fury, nature's frozen breath.
And on the West Coast, rain and sleet shall fall,
As icy winds whip through from coast to coast.

Oh, dangerous storm, relentless and fierce,
A holiday weekend cloaked in freezing air.
With gales that howl and winds that chill the soul,
A tempest that demands our utmost care.

Prepare, oh traveler, for this icy plight,
A cold survival kit to aid your way.
For frostbite and hypothermia lurk,
In every frozen step we take today.

But midst the freeze, a beauty still remains,
In white-capped mountains and snow-covered plains.
A winter wonderland, a glistening sight,
Where nature paints a masterpiece with might.

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