Saturday, January 13, 2024

Ode to Russell Hamler, Last of Merrill's Marauders

In the heart of the jungle, where danger did brew,
A group of brave soldiers, steadfast and true.
Their mission audacious, their spirits ablaze,
To seize the airfield, in a perilous haze.

Through mountains and jungles, they forged their own path,
Facing threats aplenty, enduring nature's wrath.
Fierce attacks by enemies, numbers vast and grand,
With courage they stood, united they'd withstand.

Monsoon rains poured, drenching their souls,
But they pressed on, with unwavering goals.
Tropical diseases lurked, lurking in the air,
Yet their spirit undying, they refused to despair.

Malnutrition gnawed, at their weary frames,
But their determination burned, like eternal flames.
Three months of hardship, they stood tall and strong,
Only a hundred and thirty, but their glory prolonged.

Merrill's Marauders, pioneers of the brave,
They paved the way for others, their legacy engraved.
And amidst this valor, a man named Russell Hamler,
Whose spirit, like a lion's, roared with fervor.

Through the passage of time, he stood as the last,
A symbol of courage, from a shadowy past.
In a veteran's hospital, his journey reached its end,
But his memory and sacrifice, forever we'll commend.

So here's to Russell Hamler, a hero we hail,
His story forever etched, in a timeless tale.
In the annals of history, his name shall remain,
Inspiring generations, his courage to sustain.

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