Thursday, January 11, 2024

Oh, Chris Christie, bid farewell to the race,
Your presidential dreams have reached their grace.
No longer shall we hear your booming voice,
No longer shall we see you make your choice.

Roasted honey nut squash and chickpeas with hot honey,
A dish so sweet, fiery, and meatless, it's funny.
But Chris Christie, he's not one for this fare,
For politics is his game, and he's got flair.

"American Fiction" earns a SAG Award nomination,
A film in theaters, causing great sensation.
But Christie's story, it's no work of fiction,
As he steps away from his political mission.

Yaroslav Trofimov's book tells tales of war,
His experiences as a journalist, what he saw.
But Christie's battles, they were fought on the stage,
With opponents and critics, engaging in verbal rage.

De-stress, confront fears, seek new perspectives,
A guide to self-improvement, no therapist directive.
But for Christie, the stress was on the campaign trail,
Facing challenges and obstacles, he did prevail.

At-home Covid test kits, make the most of them,
Keeping ourselves safe, from virus to stem.
But for Christie, the test was for the people's trust,
And in the end, his bid crumbled to dust.

$1.3 million homes in Florida, Georgia, Delaware,
Luxurious dwellings, beyond compare.
But for Christie, his home was on the political stage,
Where he aimed for power, to make a lasting gauge.

Wirecutter's favorite umbrella, tested and true,
Keeping us dry when the sky turns blue.
But for Christie, there's no shade from the spotlight's glare,
Once a contender, now out of the political affair.

Spelling Bee, Wordle, and Mini Crossword to play,
Games to de-stress and brighten your day.
But for Christie, the game is over, his bid is done,
Leaving the stage, his political career run.

Farewell, Chris Christie, to you we bid adieu,
In the race for president, you gave it your cue.
Though the outcome wasn't what you desired,
Your courage and determination will always be admired.

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