Saturday, January 6, 2024

Ode to Plan B

Oh, rejoice! For Plan B is here, my dear,
An audio app that we hold so near,
With tales and stories that enchant the soul,
From the heart, through speakers, they now do roll.

“This American Life,” its name shines bright,
A program hosted by Ira Glass, upright,
With episodes new, they grace our ears,
A day earlier than the podcast's cheers.

No need to wait, for the wait is done,
Plan B brings the stories, just for fun,
An archive, a treasure trove to explore,
With tales we've heard, and those unknown before.

Within its depths, a "Best of" section we find,
Bite-sized clips that leave us far behind,
A snippet of joy, when time is but a foe,
To enjoy the show, when time refuses to slow.

So let us celebrate, with voices raised,
For Plan B brings us joy, with its sweet haze,
An app that brings stories, tales so grand,
A refuge for lovers of narratives unplanned.

Oh, Plan B, we thank you for your grace,
Embracing stories that we now embrace,
With each episode, a journey we embark,
A window to the world, a musical lark.

And so, we dance to the beat of Plan B,
An app that sets our storytelling souls free,
With every tale, a spark of life is lit,
Oh, Plan B, you are the perfect fit.

So, let us immerse ourselves in this tapestry,
This audio haven, Plan B, can't you see?
For in this app, a world of stories reside,
Where hearts are touched, and imaginations glide.

Raise a cheer for Plan B, our modern muse,
With stories old and stories that still amuse,
Let us listen and savor, this treasure trove,
For Plan B brings stories, sparking love.

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