Monday, June 26, 2023

Rebellion in Russia, fierce and bold,
News of unrest, a story to be told.
Contributed reporting sheds the light,
On a 36-hour battle, a gripping fight.

Voices rise, amidst the Russian land,
Anton Troianovski lends a helping hand.
Translations by Anastasia Vorozhtsova,
Unveiling the chaos, bringing truth closer.

The Daily team, working tirelessly,
Crafting stories with unwavering ease.
Rachel, Lynsea, and Clare leading the way,
Paige, Michael, Brad, their minds in the fray.

Chris, Jessica, Stella, and the rest,
Unraveling tales, putting news to the test.
Lisa, Eric, Marc, and Luke,
Guiding the ship, navigating the fluke.

A poem to honor this magnanimous crew,
Asthaa, Corey, Elizabeth, and too,
All hands on deck, united as one,
To present the news, their work never done.

The rebellion rages, stories unfold,
Dave, Sydney, and Robert, ever bold.
Astute reporters, bringing the scene,
To our attention, they intervene.

With passion and skill, they paint a scene,
Maddy, Marion, and Mooj spark a gleam.
In the eyes of readers who seek to know,
The 36-hour rebellion, the ebb and flow.

A special thanks to the whole team,
For their dedication, a remarkable theme.
Music by Jim and Ben sets the mood,
Wonderly's magic, our hearts imbued.

Sam, Paula, and Lisa, the guiding light,
Larissa, Wendy, Julia, shining bright.
Isabella, Desiree, and Renan too,
Together they make the news debut.

The rebellion in Russia, a tale so grand,
Nell, Jeffrey, Elizabeth lend a helping hand.
Maddy, Carlos, and John, they unite,
Nina, Will, and Sofia, their readers' delight.

Ben, Susan, Lexie, and Mary,
Alex, Dan, Sophia, oh so merry.
Shannon, Diane, Devon fill the scene,
With stories woven, the news pristine.

Oh, Rebellion in Russia, a tumultuous stage,
The Daily team takes center page.
Their tireless efforts, a beacon of light,
Guiding us through the chaos, day and night.

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