Monday, June 19, 2023

Inflation rises, Argentina's in a bind,
Between soaring prices and restaurants, one finds,
Vela, the assistant with worries abounds,
No more travels, but eating out still astounds.

"We can't afford trips," she ponders with sighs,
"But dining out is a need," Vilches replies,
"You must eat, don't buy that jacket so grand,"
Thus, Miramar's packed, in a bustling band.

In San Cristóbal, the working class hub,
Miramar stands strong amid financial shrub,
Since 1950, crises it has faced,
But in these dire times, tummies can't be misplaced.

Salamis hanging, a tango flair,
Miramar beckoning, patrons in its lair,
The walls adorned with words of the past,
A testament to resilience that'll always last.

But lo and behold, Argentina's plight,
An economic crisis casts a somber light,
Yet Miramar thrives, amidst the storm's fury,
"I don't know if it's a contradiction," says Juan with query.

"The crisis is real, and money is tight,
But with what little I have, I'll take delight,
In the pleasures of food, in moments of bliss,
For in hardship, tiny joys we must not dismiss."

So amidst inflation's relentless strive,
Argentina's people still find a way to survive,
In restaurants they gather, their spirits alight,
A silver lining found in dining at night.

For though the times may be tough and hard,
A meal shared with loved ones is a recovery card,
So let the salamis hang and tango tunes play,
Argentina's resilience shines through, come what may.

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