Saturday, February 3, 2024

Oh, Canada, a land of secrets untold,
Where public access and secrecy take hold.
A public inquiry seeks to shed some light,
On foreign meddling in our elections slight.

The Globe and Mail, a whistleblower's guide,
A tale of China's hand, they did confide.
Their diplomats, with cunning and finesse,
Ensured Trudeau's party would domineer, no less.

Seventeen articles, the truth revealed,
Yet the source remains hidden, yet unrevealed.
A risk of prison, a voice unheard,
For Chinese interference, a frustrating word.

But in this land, where openness is prized,
Secrecy stands tall, justice compromised.
Intelligence secure, the government's plea,
Leaving the inquiry in a web of mystery.

Oh, Canada, where silence reigns supreme,
The truth obscured, a haunting dream.
A delicate dance, balancing the scale,
Between public right and secrets veiled.

Let's pause and ponder, how did we arrive,
In a nation where transparency must survive?
Foreign election meddling, a topic so grave,
Yet obscured by secrecy, like waves on the wave.

But still, we yearn for the truth to emerge,
To shed light on the shadows, this inquiry's urge.
For in our land, justice should prevail,
And foreign interference, we must unveil.

Oh, Canada, may the truth come to light,
May secrets be revealed, no longer out of sight.
For in the balance of openness and secrecy,
Let justice reign, and set our nation free.

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