Tuesday, March 19, 2024

In the heart of Hong Kong's city so bright,
Article 23 now fogs the once-clear sight,
With laws so harsh, dissent they try to smite,
Eroding freedoms, casting a shadow at height.

Gaps in security, a reason they proclaim,
To stifle opposition, tarnish democracy’s name,
In a former colony, once known for its flame,
The spirit of resistance now faces a fierce game.

From British hands, the city did pass,
With promises grand, but now, alas,
National security laws like a menacing mass,
Threatening freedoms, turning the hourglass.

Facing adversity, the people must stand,
Against oppressive laws tightening hand,
In Hong Kong's story, a turning of the sand,
May freedom prevail, reclaim its land.

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