Monday, March 18, 2024

In a castle nestled 'neath ancient trees,
Yves Gastou lived out his fantasies,
A refuge of history and treasures untold,
A place frozen in time, a sight to behold.

Within the castle's crenelated walls so grand,
Gastou's eclectic tastes took a stand,
Midcentury Cubist furniture adorned the space,
Echoes of the past, an enchanting embrace.

A follylike fortress, a summer retreat,
Where knights and romance did sweetly meet,
The hermitage whispers tales of days gone by,
A collector's paradise beneath the azure sky.

Amidst bamboo and oak, a faded facade stands tall,
A haven for memories that never fall,
Yves Gastou's legacy, a castle's charm,
Preserved in time, safe from all harm.

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