Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Ode to the Housing League

Oh, New York City, hear the call,
For a league of officials standing tall,
Against the crisis that plagues our land,
A shortage of homes, a demand in demand.

Antonio Reynoso, a leader in Brooklyn,
And Erik Bottcher, a voice in Manhattan's nooks,
Together they form a formidable team,
To tackle the housing crisis, or so it seems.

A league they create, a brave endeavor,
To welcome development and build together,
No more NIMBYs, those who oppose,
Let progress prevail, let homes arise and grow.

An invitation sent to all who serve,
160 politicians, let them gather and observe,
The urgency, the need, the time is now,
To bridge the gap, to make a vow.

Come, even if your doubts persist,
Open your minds, let skepticism twist,
For it is unity we seek to find,
In this League of Housing, close the divide.

No longer shall development be shunned,
For it is the solution, the chosen one,
A thriving city, where homes abound,
Where all can live, in harmony, profound.

Let the housing crisis be a distant past,
As we welcome progress and build fast,
The League of Housing, a beacon of hope,
A future where all can thrive and cope.

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