Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Oh, CDC, what shall you decree?
A change may come for all to see.
Isolation guidance, soon to be reconsidered,
For those with COVID, a shift that's bitter.

No longer will days confined be required,
Instead, symptoms will be desired.
Fever-free and mild affliction,
Considered safe for school, for work, for fiction.

But let us not be mistaken,
COVID-19 remains unshaken.
Contagious still, we must remember,
To protect one another, like glowing embers.

Yet, the impact of this virus severe,
Not as dire as yesteryear.
Hospitals, not overwhelmed this season,
A glimpse of hope amid the reason.

Isolation, a tiresome feat,
For many, it's a challenge to meet.
Jobs, household size, and how they reside,
Constraining factors they cannot hide.

Testing, expensive and hard to find,
Leaving many ignorant, unknowing, behind.
But guidance, it must persist,
To safeguard lives, not to be dismissed.

CDC's role, to lead and advise,
To disseminate truth from all the lies.
Seat belts of health, disregarded we must not,
Evidence-based information cannot be forgot.

Workplaces impacted by this change,
Forcing the sick to rearrange.
COVID may spread, vulnerable at risk,
Increasing cases, causing a disc.

Flu and COVID, treated the same,
Yet, is this the right aim?
Respiratory pathogens, risks still remain,
The need for caution, not to entertain.

Rest and isolation, a vital notion,
Not just for COVID, but all infections in motion.
No more ignoring the immunocompromised,
The young and old, their protection surmised.

So, CDC, in your decision take heed,
Consider the consequences, we plead.
For in this dance with COVID, we must not falter,
Protecting lives, our duty, never to alter.

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