Friday, February 2, 2024

In letters they unite, over 800 officials strong,
Voicing dissent, protesting policies gone wrong.
From nations across the Atlantic, a chorus takes flight,
Against their governments' support, shining a critical light.

Civil servants they are, in the United States and Europe,
Voices of reason, seeking justice to serve.
Their duty to improve, to work for what's right,
With a shared belief, their voices to ignite.

Through internal channels they've raised concerns, they say,
Only to be ignored, their pleas swept away.
Now together they stand, in unity they speak,
Seeking to change direction, to find the answers they seek.

“Our governments' policies,” the letter discloses,
“Weaken moral standing, as the world opposes.
Freedom, justice, and human rights we defend,
But our governments' actions, these ideals they rend.”

Risking grave violations, both law and code,
War crimes and ethnic cleansing; a dark, heavy load.
They refuse to stay silent, while innocents suffer,
Using their positions to demand a change in buffer.

With pens and convictions, their message is clear,
A call for justice, for the world to hear.
No longer complacent, their voices are raised,
For the sake of humanity, against policies unfazed.

Over 800 officials strong, united in purpose and aim,
Working to bring forth change, dismissing any blame.
Their letter stands as a testament of their will,
To fight for what's right, their duty to fulfill.

Through their dissent, they hope to inspire,
To spark a debate, where truth won't expire.
In the face of adversity, their voices ring true,
For in unity they find strength, and justice they pursue.

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