Thursday, February 1, 2024

Oh, what a revelation! This news I bring to thee,
Of generative A.I.'s impact in banking and tech, you see.
For all these years, the workers feared automation's might,
But now it seems the tables turn, as day turns into night.

No longer just the factories or fast food's humble abode,
It's the white-collar workers who may bear the cold.
Those with college degrees, who thought they were secure,
Now face a future where A.I. takes on endeavors pure.

Chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT pave the way,
With generative A.I. shining bright like the break of day.
The Burning Glass Institute's report declares its ascent,
A future where technology disrupts, without relent.

Prepare yourself, oh workers, for a world yet unseen,
Where A.I. reigns supreme, in offices so pristine.
Banking and tech, industries so esteemed,
Will see the rise of A.I., their roles may be redeemed.

No, it won't be a wave that wipes away their career,
But a reminder that A.I. is drawing ever near.
To those who build the very tools that seal their fate,
The irony is not lost, as they watch their creation propagate.

So heed the words of Matt Sigelman, wise and true,
Those with degrees, prepare for what's anew.
For A.I. shall impact the workers deemed "safe",
And in its wake, they may find themselves adrift, opaque.

Oh, generative A.I., you revolutionize our world,
Unleashing possibilities, yet with uncertainty unfurled.
In banking and tech, your influence will be vast,
As workers navigate a future, disrupted by your cast.

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