Wednesday, January 31, 2024

In Meta's realm, where safety's aught but rare,
The cries for help were met with cool disdain.
Efforts to safeguard children led to naught,
As documents reveal their futile gain.

Before the courts, where Zuckerberg stood to speak,
The emails were unleashed for all to see.
A glimpse into the inner gears of Meta,
A world where child's safety wasn't key.

Debates and discussions filled their fall days,
As calls for action echoed through the air.
But Meta turned a blind eye to the pleas,
With resources, they simply wouldn't share.

Proposed were forty-five new dedicated souls,
A mere one percent of their grand workforce.
But Zuckerberg declined, a fateful choice,
Leaving children's safety on a different course.

The documents now exposed, a shock to all,
In lawsuits and in hearings, they're laid bare.
Contradictions to the executives' claims,
Their promises of protection now threadbare.

With rising complaints of toxicity online,
Meta's lack of action now takes the stage.
Within the halls of Congress, Zuckerberg,
In hot seat, defends their negligence's page.

So as the world awaits the leader's words,
Will he acknowledge errors, make amends?
Or will he dance around the issue raised,
Unwilling to admit where harm descends?

In this dark tale of Meta's rejection,
A glaring truth emerges from the fray.
That profit and growth come before safety,
In children's lives, a heavy price to pay.

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