Tuesday, January 30, 2024

In Olympic ice rinks, they dance and glide,
With grace and elegance, their skills they hide.
But a scandal erupted, a tale of doping,
A Russian skater, her dreams now moping.

Kamila Valieva, a star on the ice,
Led her team to victory, shining bright.
But alas, her triumph was tainted with shame,
As she was banned for doping, bringing her fame to flame.

The International Skating Union, they did decree,
To strip Russia of their gold, so hastily.
And in an act that seemed quite bizarre,
They rearranged the standings, near and far.

The United States, they were bestowed,
The gold medal, their victory finally showed.
Japan, in second place, they found,
Their grace and skill, still renowned.

But what of Russia, with their tainted fame?
They were not cast aside, they were not to blame.
Instead, they were given a consolation prize,
The bronze medal, a truth that surely belies.

Canada, on the other hand, suffered a blow,
Expecting the bronze, they were left in woe.
A single point behind Russia's deceit,
Their dreams of glory, now incomplete.

In Olympic rinks, where dreams take flight,
A tale of triumph and scandal, now alight.
For skating's beauty, forever entwined,
With shadows of doping, a loss undefined.

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