Monday, January 29, 2024

Oh young minds, so young
Anxiety fills your hearts
Futures in doubt

Disillusioned ones
Politicians, a letdown
Hope is wearing thin

Today's teenagers
Pessimistic views emerge
A troubled outlook

The world seems uncertain
Gloomy clouds hover above
Darkness fills the air

But remember this
Even in the darkest times
There's still room for light

Hold on to your dreams
Fight for a better future
Your voice can bring change

Oh teenagers, dear
The world's weight upon your shoulders
You are not alone

Through the troubled days
Find solace in your own strength
A beacon of hope

Believe in yourself
Rise above the disillusion
Shatter their false words

For you hold the power
To shape the course of this world
And build a new dawn

Oh young minds, be brave
Facing fear with resilience
The future is yours

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