Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Oh, Wednesday, what a rendezvous you are,
A medley of delights both near and far.
Gingery meatballs with peaches and basil,
A tantalizing blend both sweet and sizzle.

Keep these five things in your car, they say,
In case of emergency, come what may.
Preparedness is key in times of strife,
With these essentials, navigate life.

Escape with powerful biographies bold,
Into worlds of courage never before told.
A journey through pages brings new insight,
An adventure shared, day or night.

Curate your movie night with MovieTok,
A guide to cinematic gems, a unique stock.
From thrillers to love stories, all in one place,
Immerse yourself in dreams on the silver chase.

Now, let us play the Spelling Bee, my friend,
A test of words, a challenge to transcend.
Find the hidden letters, make them align,
Unleash your lexicon, let your words shine.

Mini Crossword and Wordle beckon too,
Puzzles to tease the mind, to amuse and woo.
A mental exercise, a playful distraction,
A moment to engage in mental action.

And finally, dear reader, bid adieu,
To this briefing, this Wednesday rendezvous.
Natasha extends thanks for joining her,
A glimpse into a world, insightful and sure.

In New York City, an immersive ride,
The Times's subway experience, a guide.
Reach Natasha and her team, their wisdom near,
At, have no fear.

So, Wednesday, with your myriad affairs,
You've shared with us a world of joys and cares.
A tapestry of delights, a feast for the mind,
Till next time, dear Wednesday, you're one of a kind.

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