Thursday, August 10, 2023

Oh, the battle to beat Donald Trump, it's quite a sight to see,
Opinions flying left and right, as we seek victory.
Email, tweet, and follow, minds buzzing with a frantic race,
To take down the man in power, with wisdom, grace, and haste.

Michelle Cottle leads the charge, her words sharp and strong,
Ross Douthat lends his voice, strategic all day long.
And Carlos Lozada offers insights, with every word he speaks,
In the fight to vanquish Trump, they hold no punches, so to speak.

"Matter of Opinion" is the vessel through which they strive,
To change the tides of politics, keeping hope alive.
Produced by Lett, Boyd, and Arthur, with dedication true,
Stephanie Joyce edits, ensuring accuracy shines through.

Pat McCusker mixes the sounds, a symphony that rolls,
Isaac Jones, Efim Shapiro, their music feeds our souls.
With Carole Sabouraud, Sonia Herrero's talent intertwined,
For in this quest, every element must be finely defined.

Fact-checkers Sinclair, Locker, and Harris, a trio so astute,
Keeping truth as the compass, debunking falsehood's root.
Audience strategy by Busta and Samulewski, guiding the way,
To connect with all who hunger for a brighter, Trump-free day.

Annie-Rose Strasser, executive producer, leads the charge,
With passion and determination, she aims to enlarge,
The platforms, voices, and ideas that challenge Trump's reign,
A united effort to break free from his divisive, controversial chain.

So, as the opinions fly, may unity take flight,
In the fight against Donald Trump, with all our might.
For the battle to beat him is not just about one man's defeat,
It's about reclaiming truth, justice, and the promises we seek.

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