Tuesday, August 22, 2023

In Greek flames, a tragedy unfolds,
18 lives lost, their stories untold.
The wildfire rages, a merciless dance,
Leaving behind a devastating aftermath.

Among the victims, whispers of migration,
Faces unknown, lost in desperation.
In a land engulfed by the fiery blaze,
They found themselves caught in its deadly haze.

The flames consumed with a voracious might,
Day and night merging in a fiery fight.
The firefighters battled with heart and soul,
Seeking to quell the blaze, to regain control.

In Kythnos and Evia, the islands ablaze,
In Rodopi and Fyli, the fires' haze.
A convoy of military, urgent and fast,
To northern Greece, a race against time's grasp.

The European Union, a helping hand extended,
Pooling resources, unity unfended.
Firefighters from nations near and far,
Bringing aid, healing the scorching scars.

Croatia, Germany, Sweden in the sky,
Their airplanes swoop down, bravely they fly.
A Black Hawk helicopter, a symbol of hope,
Navigating the smoke-filled abyss, they cope.

The Czech Republic lends its water tanks,
A baptism of relief, their gift, their thanks.
And from Sweden, two water-scooping planes,
Efforts combined, like a soothing summer rain.

In the midst of the chaos, more lives lost,
A shepherd's charred body, a chilling cost.
And in Lefkimmi, near Alexandroupolis' reign,
The remains of a migrant, a poignant pain.

The flames reveal the fragile thread we hold,
For in tragedy, humanity unfolds.
Let us remember those lost in the fire's wrath,
Absorbing the lessons from our fiery path.

Let us stand united, hand in hand,
Rebuilding what's lost, a united band.
For in the face of hardship, together we will rise,
With strength in our hearts, and love in our eyes.

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