Thursday, August 31, 2023

Oh, hear ye now the tale of Putin's might,
A man of power, shrouded in dark night.
With every move, the world holds its breath,
Should we negotiate, invite his stealth?

Opinions clash like swords in fierce debate,
Should we engage, or should we hesitate?
The question lingers in the hallowed halls,
As nations ponder while the fear enthralls.

To negotiate with Putin, some will say,
Is folly, for his tricks are on display.
A master strategist, he's known to be,
A wolf in sheep's clothing, full of esprit.

But others argue, let diplomacy reign,
For through dialogue, peace we may attain.
To find common ground, a glimmer of hope,
To bridge the divide and help us cope.

Yet caution flags are raised, concern abounds,
Will these negotiations bring solid grounds?
Or will we fall into his cunning trap,
A tug of war, in power's icy lap?

The matter of opinion, it does resound,
In every chat and email, all around.
The pundits ponder in their ivory tower,
As media threads retweet and devour.

But amidst the chaos, one truth remains,
The need for unity, for common gains.
To put aside our biases and pride,
And work together, side by side.

So, let us contemplate this question deep,
To negotiate or not, a choice to keep.
For in this world of power and divide,
Finding a path to peace should always ride.

Oh, hear ye now the tale of Putin's might,
A question burning, seeking insight.
May wisdom guide us in this grand affair,
To negotiate, or leave it to the air.

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