Tuesday, May 9, 2023

A Big Policy Change at the Border

Amidst the chaos and commotion,
A shift in the border's devotion.
A policy change, profound and bold,
Let the tale of transformation unfold.

In the realm of migration's plight,
As dawn breaks, a new ray of light.
Miriam Jordan, the truth revealed,
Her words, a shining shield.

The Daily, a collective creation,
Journalists fueling this narration.
Rachel, Lynsea, and Clare, the team,
Building a story, like a lucid dream.

Paige, Michael, and Brad in stride,
Adding depth to the tale they provide.
Chris, Jessica, and Stella in tow,
Unveiling the secrets untold.

In this symphony of voices combined,
Alexandra, Lisa, and Eric we find.
Marc, Luke, and M.J.'s melodic beat,
Like a rhythm that's hard to compete.

Dan and Dave, their harmony rings,
Sydney and Robert, what insight it brings.
Liz, Asthaa, and Rachelle's chorus strong,
Diana, Marion, harmonizing along.

With Corey, Anita, and Rob in tune,
Elisheba and Chelsea, a harmony's boon.
Mooj and Patricia's voices flow,
Rowan, Jody, their melodies grow.

Rikki, John, and Nina in song,
Will, Carlos, and Sofia, singing along.
Ben and Susan, their harmony true,
Lexie, Mary, and Alex, an exquisite debut.

Dan, Sophia, the symphony expands,
Shannon and Diane, orchestrating hands.
Devon and Wendy, their magic at play,
Julia and Sam, guiding the way.

Together they journey, their voices unite,
Spiring a story, like stars in the night.
Wonderly's music, oh, how it enchants,
As the truth unfolds, a symphony grants.

So let us celebrate this policy change,
At the border, a turning of the page.
With courage and grace, may we aspire,
To tales of justice that never tire.

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