Friday, May 5, 2023

Streaming has caused a plight,
Hollywood writers lose their light.
No longer bound to the networks,
Their creativity lurks.

John Koblin shared the sad news,
Streaming platforms their work abuse.
Rachel, Lynsea, Clare, Paige,
Their livelihoods face a stage.

With reports from Michael and Brad,
Streaming's impact makes them sad.
Chris, Jessica, Stella, and Alex,
Depict the writers' complex.

Lisa, Eric, Marc, and Luke,
Their stories are more than a fluke.
MJ, Dan, Dave, and Sydney,
Highlight the writers' misery.

Robert, Liz, Asthaa, Rachelle,
Streaming's toll is hard to quell.
Diana, Marion, Corey, Anita,
The writers' sorrow is not a secret.

As the list goes on and on,
Streaming's reign is not a con.
Elisheba, Chelsea, and Mooj,
The writers' voices they pursue.

Patricia, Rowan, and Jody,
The struggles of writers, oh soody.
Rikki, John, Nina, and Will,
Streaming platforms cause a chill.

Carlos, Sofia, Ben, and Susan,
Streaming's effects cannot be undone.
Lexie, Mary, Alex, and Dan,
The writers' plight, we understand.

Shannon, Diane, Devon, and Sophia,
Streaming's impact becomes loathsome.
Wendy, Julia, Larissa, Paula,
They shed light on a serious drama.

Isabella, Desiree, Mahima, and Renan,
They amplify the writers' pain.
Jeffrey, Nell, Elizabeth, and Maddy,
They stand with writers, strong and steady.

Streaming, a double-edged sword,
Writing talent left ignored.
But together we'll stand, we'll fight,
To protect the writers' rightful light.

So let us raise our pens up high,
And sing the writers' battle cry.
Let streaming platforms take a heed,
It is the writers who they need.

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