Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Biden seeks re-election,
A crunchy sandwich's addition,
Baby J comedy special,
Rehab and addiction's ritual.

Fuel for a brand-new day,
Protein, don't skip your breakfast, they say,
Suva, a city less traveled,
Discover urban South Pacific's marvel.

A mini crossword to play,
A feud of four letters may dismay,
Wordle and Spelling Bee also calling,
Puzzles to keep your mind enthralling.

Thank you for your read,
More tomorrow, that's guaranteed,
Our newsletters team expanding,
New editor and captain navigating.

"The Daily" delves into Tucker Carlson,
Fox's firing, a story they unravel,
If you have questions or concerns,
Email me, your thoughts I'll discern.

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