Wednesday, April 19, 2023

In the highest court of the land,
Abortion takes a stand.
A battle of beliefs, so grand,
As the debate is now at hand.

Pro-choice and Pro-life, both locked in a fight,
With arguments fierce, like daggers in the night.
The Supreme Court hears their pleas with scrutinizing sight,
Deciding the fate of women's reproductive rights.

Justices gather, robes flowing in the breeze,
As the arguments echo through the chamber with ease.
The weight of their decision, heavy as the seas,
As they ponder the balance between liberty and unease.

The scales of justice teeter on a thin wire,
As emotions rise, fueled by passion and fire.
Each side making claims they aspire,
To shape the future with their desires.

But in the end, a ruling will be made,
And the repercussions will cascade.
For the millions of women, their lives at stake,
Their choices hanging in the balance, no mistake.

As the gavel falls and the verdict is cast,
The future of women's rights will be amassed.
A milestone decision, sure to last,
In the pages of history, deeply etched, steadfast.

So, let us wait, with bated breath,
For the Supreme Court to make its bet.
And as the world watches, full of unrest,
May justice prevail, and the truth manifest.

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