Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Gloomy Economic Forecast

Tofu, versatile,
Whispered tasty dòuhuā,
Sweet ginger syrup.

Math and lit combine,
“Once Upon a Prime” reveals,
Beauty intertwined.

Movies for the young,
Animated adventures,
Basketball laughter.

Alice Coltrane plays,
Spiritual jazz takes you in,
Soul's tranquil journey.

Crossword puzzles wait,
Clue: Used to be, only three,
Wordle, Spelling Bee.

Farewell, till tomorrow,
Amelia, the daily's voice,
Briefing closes shop.

Telegram spreads news,
From lands far beyond our reach,
World's tales now in dreams.

Dissent roars in Russia,
“The Daily” uncovers truth,
Emails touch your soul.

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