Tuesday, April 4, 2023

In the realm of Op-Docs, a tapestry unfolds,
Where filmmakers delve deep, stories yet untold.
From emerging talents to Oscar's golden gown,
Nonfiction visions from lands far and around.

Obon dances in flickers, a mesmerizing sight,
A celebration of spirits, shadows take flight.
A dance of remembrance, a poignant refrain,
Wisps of memories, intertwined with pain.

The Army We Had, a glimpse into the past,
Soldiers' names etched on a memorial vast.
A tale of camaraderie, of battles fought and won,
A testament to bravery, as each day was done.

In Stay With Me, the World Is a Devastating Place,
A tender plea, a fragile heart's embrace.
Amidst the chaos, love's solace shines bright,
A balm for wounded souls, in darkest of night.

The Missing Parts, a puzzle yet to be solved,
Searching for answers, questions enveloped.
The fragments of truth, scattered in the haze,
Relentless pursuit to unravel life's maze.

The Ambassador's Wife, a tale of intrigue,
A clandestine affair, secrets that intrigue.
Behind the curtains, diplomacy and spies,
Intricate machinations, hidden truths arise.

Victoria reigns, a future monarch's rise,
Royal lineage, destiny written in the skies.
A portrait of power, strength without end,
A queen's journey, as her story transcends.

In the Blue Room, secrets whispered in the dark,
In clandestine meetings, echoes leave a mark.
Corridors of power, where shadows sway,
As hidden agendas come out to play.

My Duduś, a shared bond, a man and his friend,
An inseparable pair, a bond that won't bend.
Through laughter and tears, a love that's true,
A dog's loyalty, forever shining through.

Happiness Is £4 Million, a fleeting dream in hand,
To win the jackpot, fortune's golden strand.
But riches can't buy contentment or peace,
A lesson learned, as ambition's grip does cease.

Party Poster, a vibrant canvas of desires,
Colors blending, igniting hearts' fires.
A celebration of life, in each joyful stroke,
A kaleidoscope of dreams, a dreamer's cloak.

The Benevolents, champions of empathy and care,
In a world fractured, they offer a love affair.
A helping hand extended, compassion's embrace,
Kindness, the beacon, guiding humanity's grace.

Op-Docs, a treasure trove of stories untold,
Filmmakers' voices, passionate and bold.
Through their lens, we witness the world's vast sights,
As they usher us into the realm of Op-Docs' delights.

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