Friday, March 31, 2023

Oh, gather 'round and hear the tale I spin
Of a man named Donald Trump, his world of sin
Indictment looming, his fate hanging high
A story of power, deceit, and a mighty fall from the sky

In realms of politics, he soared with pride
A businessman turned leader, taking a wild ride
But beneath the surface, shadows twirled
A cloud of controversy around a man who unfurled

His name echoed through the marble halls
Whispers of collusion, like unanswered calls
The prosecutor's gaze fixed upon his frame
Seeking justice, with no one left to blame

And so, the day of reckoning draws near
The indictment of Donald Trump, a moment of fear
Walls closing in, his secrets laid bare
As the world awaits a truth it cannot bear

But amidst the turmoil and the chaos untold
A nation divided, by stories that unfold
We must remember to stand united, so firm
For the truth shall prevail, unyielding and firm

Let us not forget the lessons we've learned
As we navigate through a world so churned
Where power corrupts and justice is sought
May integrity guide us, a beacon we've sought

So, as the story of Trump's indictment unfolds
Let us hope for justice, fearless and bold
For the truth shall prevail, the storm shall cease
In the pursuit of justice, may we find our peace.

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