Monday, November 27, 2023

In the halls of Congress, a man named George
His time may soon come to an end
Amidst scandals and controversy, the forge
Of his career may finally bend

Botox injections and a Hermès bag
Symbols of a lavish lifestyle on display
But the public's trust began to sag
As they watched their congressman's sway

The allure of OnlyFans, a digital realm
Where desires and secrets unfurl
George Santos, behind a different helm
A side hustle that made heads swirl

But in the whispers and the gossip's pounce
A politician's image can easily tarnish
And now his seat may be pronounced
His last week in Congress, soon to vanish

The names of reporters listed, a multitude
Highlighting the coverage this story earned
From Rachel to Lynsea and those imbued
With passion for truth, their lessons learned

With music by Jim and Ben's melodic grace
Wonderly's notes set the poetic stage
In this tale of a congressman's fall from grace
And the Daily's voice, a steady gauge

But let us not forget the special thanks
To the editors and producers behind the scenes
Whose dedication and hard work ranks
High in the telling of what it means

To have a moment in the political spotlight
To rise and fall amidst public gaze
George Santos, his influence fades from sight
As he navigates these tumultuous days

So here we stand, awaiting the final blow
Will Santos remain or will he be dismissed?
Botox, Hermès, and OnlyFans in the show
A story of a congressman's rise and twist

In these halls of power, where destinies lie
George Santos must face the jury's decree
His last week in Congress, the chance to defy
But alas, the end may be what we see.

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