Tuesday, December 5, 2023

In a world where music meets the streets,
Where rap stars emerge from gritty beats,
There lies a blurry line, unseen, untold,
Between fame and infamy, a tale unfolds.

Joe Coscarelli takes us on a thrilling ride,
Investigating the lives they try to hide,
A crime boss in the shadows, a rapper on stage,
Their paths intertwined, like a darkened cage.

The Daily's team, a collective so vast,
Unearthing the truth, the present and past,
Rachel, Lynsea, and Clare lead the way,
Paige, Michael, Brad, and Chris join the fray.

With each name on the list, the story deepens,
A symphony of voices, their insights leapens,
Jessica, Stella, Alexandra, and Lisa,
Their collaboration, a harmonious vista.

As Eric, Marc, and Luke add their might,
M.J., Dan, and Sydney shine their light,
Mike, Liz, Asthaa, Rachelle, and Diana,
A chorus of knowledge, a wealth of fauna.

In the midst of this maze, a tale of duality,
Of rap stars turned crime bosses, a harsh reality,
Marion, Corey, Rob, and Elisheba chime,
With Mooj, Patricia, Rowan, and Jody in rhyme.

Lost in the shadows, the singers they become,
With Rikki, John, Nina, and Will strum,
Carlos, Ben, Susan, and Lexie play their part,
A melody of truths, a work of art.

Mary, Alex, Dan, and Sophia take the stage,
Shannon, Diane, Devon, and Alyssa engage,
As Summer, Olivia, Daniel, and Brendan dance,
Their collaboration, a poetic chance.

With Jim and Ben's music, the backdrop shines,
Wonderly's magic, as the story unwinds,
A special thanks to all who lent their voices,
To Sam, Paula, and Lisa, who made the choices.

Larissa, Julia, and Sofia, with care,
Mahima, Elizabeth, Jeffrey, and Renan are there,
Maddy, Isabella, and Nina join the parade,
A chorus of gratitude, a serenade.

Let us heed the call and embrace the tale,
Of the blurry line between fame and regale,
For in the world of rap stars and crime bosses,
The truth lies hidden, awaiting its losses.

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