Tuesday, December 12, 2023

In 2023, the books are here to shine,
To captivate children's hearts, oh so divine.
With words and pictures, they tell tales,
That leave us longing for more, as their magic prevails.

"Do You Remember?" by Sydney Smith,
A story that will surely uplift,
A boy and his mother, snuggled in bed,
Their memories traded, as hope is spread.

In their new apartment, fear is quelled,
As they share the life they once held.
Through watercolor and gouache divine,
The illustrations tell a tale, so fine.

From full-page views of son and mother,
To fragments of memories, like a cover,
Snapshots in an album, a scrapbook of minds,
A journey through time, where love binds.

With each turn of the page, a feeling evoked,
Resilience, love, and hope invoked.
A tender reminder of what we have lost,
And the strength to move forward, no matter the cost.

So let's dive in, oh little ones so dear,
To the best books of 2023, with no fear.
Immerse yourselves in tales of wonder,
And let your imagination thunder.

For as the pages turn, and stories unfold,
May you find a world worth more than gold.
With every line, may your dreams take flight,
As you fill your minds with pure delight.

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