Tuesday, December 19, 2023

In the hallowed halls of Justice's domain,
A solemn tribute to a life well lived,
Sandra Day O'Connor, we now mourn your name,
A jurist who history will always forgive.

In the Great Hall, her body was laid to rest,
Former clerks keeping watch, a final vigil,
Respected justices, all at their best,
Gathered in reverence as memories swirled.

Sotomayor spoke of collegiality,
A unity fostered by O'Connor's grace,
Four sisters now serve, a remarkable reality,
Her legacy of equality we embrace.

Jane Fahey, a clerk from days now old,
Remembers the cowgirl grit and sense of duty,
A testament to a spirit pure and bold,
Her energy forever a force of beauty.

Vice President Kamala Harris pays her respects,
With Doug Emhoff by her side, a show of honor,
A symbolic gesture, a tribute that connects,
To a daughter of Arizona, proud and loyal.

On Lazy B, where cattle roamed the land,
A wild west childhood, full of tales untold,
From rancher's daughter to a jurist grand,
A life lived with grit, a story to behold.

So let us gather in this solemn hour,
To honor Justice O'Connor's life's endeavor,
Her memory an eternal flower,
A beacon of justice that will burn forever.

In the National Cathedral, her spirit soars,
A final resting place for a legend of her time,
Sandra Day O'Connor, forevermore,
Your legacy in our hearts, a radiant rhyme.

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