Thursday, December 28, 2023

A Mother, a Daughter, a Deadly Journey: An Update

In a world of names,
Julie Turkewitz,
Brings us stories from afar,
Fact-checked by Susan Lee,
A tale of love and loss.

Special thanks to those,
Who make The Daily,
Honest and true,
With reporting in their veins,
Unyielding in their pursuit.

From Rachel Quester,
To Michael Simon Johnson,
A team that never rests,
Bringing stories alive,
Through words that are their best.

But let us not forget,
The mother and daughter,
In this deadly journey,
Their path intertwined,
In a fate they did not seek.

Eileen Sullivan,
With immense gratitude,
For contributions she made,
Guiding us through the dark,
With her wisdom and her aid.

And to all the others,
Whose names are too many,
For this simple poet's pen,
Know that your efforts matter,
In the realm of women and men.

For a mother, a daughter,
A tale that's not confined,
To borders and boundaries,
But transcends them with grace,
In a world that's intertwined.

So let us remember,
The power of storytelling,
In a time when news,
Can be overwhelming,
Bringing us together,
Through the stories we share.

For united we stand,
In the face of adversity,
With voices that echo,
In the hearts of humanity,
A mother, a daughter,
A journey we all bear.

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