Friday, February 24, 2023

In cities around the globe they gather,
Showing Ukraine they won't let her shatter.
With flags raised high,
In blue and yellow they cry,
A vibrant show of support that won't scatter.

Oh, London, Trafalgar Square is a sight,
Drapped in colors, blue and yellow so bright.
Ukrainians unite,
With the U.S. in the fight,
Showing solidarity, shining a guiding light.

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower takes its cue,
Lighting up the skyline with Ukraine's hue.
A beacon so tall,
Calling out for justice for all,
A symbol of hope, shining true.

In Brussels, the toys and teddy bears sprawl,
Representing Ukraine's children, forced to crawl.
Laid out in despair,
In Rond-Point Schuman's square,
A plea for their freedom, a heartfelt call.

And in Sydney, they march with pride,
In St. Mary's Cathedral Square they reside.
365 days strong,
Ukrainian hearts beat on,
Honoring resistance, side by side.

Across the world, a chorus resounds,
Solidarity with Ukraine knows no bounds.
In colors so proud,
They stand tall in the crowd,
Supporting the nation, together, profound.

So let the world's message be clear,
Ukraine, we stand with you, with no fear.
In unity we share,
Showing we truly care,
For Ukraine, our love will forever appear.

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