Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Oh, what a grand day it is to recall,
The end of a rule that held us in thrall.
Title 42, its grip now released,
Freedom restored, our worries deceased.

No longer bound by its iron embrace,
We breathe a sigh, welcomed by open space.
Natalie Kitroeff, with reporting so fine,
Guided us through its intricate design.

Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison so wise,
Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, reached the skies.
Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher's team,
Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, part of the dream.

Stella, Alexandra, Lisa, and Eric,
A group united, their talents so slick.
Marc Georges, Luke Vander Ploeg so grand,
M.J. Davis Lin led a knowledgeable band.

Dan Powell, Dave Shaw, and Sydney Harper too,
Robert Jimison and Mike Benoist, they knew.
Liz O. Baylen, Asthaa, and Rachelle,
A team that made history, they can tell.

Diana Nguyen, Corey Schreppel so bright,
Marion Lozano, Anita's insight.
Rob Szypko and Elisheba at bay,
Chelsea, Mooj, and Patricia, we say.

Rowan Niemisto, Jody, and Rikki's grace,
John Ketchum, Nina, they all found their place.
Will Reid, Carlos, and Sofia's sweet riddle,
Ben Calhoun, Susan, Lexie in the middle.

Mary Wilson, Alex, Sophia so bold,
Dan Farrell, Shannon, Diane, stories told.
Devon Taylor, a poet's mind so keen,
Together they wove a magical scene.

Jim Brunberg, Ben Landsverk, the music they bring,
Wonderly's melody, our spirits they sing.
Sam Dolnick, Paula, and Lisa so true,
Larissa, Wendy, Julia, we thank you too.

Isabella, Desiree, Renan so strong,
Nell, Jeffrey, Elizabeth, a vibrant throng.
Maddy Masiello, Mahima so dear,
Nina Gallogly, our gratitude clear.

Their theme will guide us through memories past,
As we celebrate freedom that will forever last.
The day Title 42 ended, we rejoice,
And lift our voices, singing with one voice.

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