Monday, May 22, 2023

Oh, gather 'round, dear souls, for I have a tale to tell,
Of a college progressive, where a takeover befell.
Ron DeSantis, a man with a cunning political mind,
Sought to infiltrate this institution and unwind.

In the hallowed halls, where liberal thoughts were nurtured,
DeSantis crept in, his intentions still obscured.
The Times did publish, urging diverse opinions to share,
But what they didn't foresee was the incoming affair.

Letters flooded in, opinions of all kind,
But DeSantis's presence, oh, it left them all blind.
With every click and like on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,
His influence grew, his agenda a noisy slam.

Audio pieces, produced by Wyatt Orme,
Played a tune echoing DeSantis's reform.
Stephanie and Annie-Rose, they tried to edit,
But the whispers of DeSantis, oh, they spread and persist.

Mixing and music, Pat, Isaac, and Carole sang,
Their melodies intertwined with DeSantis's wicked bang.
Fact-checking by Mary Marge couldn't save the day,
For DeSantis's words, they had already taken sway.

Who knew a college, once so progressive and free,
Could be turned into a platform for DeSantis's spree.
The Times offered thanks to Shannon and Kristina too,
But their efforts drowned in DeSantis's potent brew.

Oh, how the takeover began to take hold,
As DeSantis's influence seeped in, bold and cold.
The college transformed, its spirit stripped and sapped,
By a political mind that left it all trapped.

So, let us remember, dear souls, this cautionary tale,
Of how a progressive college could easily derail.
For even in the realm of academia's sacred walls,
Politics can creep in, and its destruction enthralls.

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