Thursday, June 1, 2023

In the realm of politics, they vie,
The G.O.P. picked a cry,
Trans kids, they would say,
Are a threat, come what may,
Using fear to rally, oh my!

With words meant to stoke hate and divide,
They fanned flames, their intentions implied,
But amidst all the pain,
There's a truth that remains,
Trans kids deserve love, support, and pride.

For in these young souls, we must see,
Their right to choose who they want to be,
Their gender, their truth,
Shouldn't be used to abuse,
Instead, let's embrace diversity.

So let us stand strong, hand in hand,
For equality throughout the land,
Trans kids, they are brave,
And they too must be saved,
Inclusion and acceptance, the demand.

Though the G.O.P.'s cry may ring loud,
Trans kids will rise above the crowd,
With strength and resilience,
They'll shatter the silence,
And together, we'll make our voices proud.

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