Tuesday, June 6, 2023

In a classroom she stood, with chalk in hand,
Teaching children how to read, a sacred demand.
But little did she know, the errors she would spread,
Millions of kids led astray, by the wrong way she led.

From her lips flowed the words, sounding oh so sweet,
But the letters and sounds they did not neatly meet.
Her method, a concoction of confusion and distortion,
Leaving young minds tangled in a web of misfortune.

The children would gather, eager to learn,
But what they received was a twisted discern.
She tossed aside phonics, the foundation of words,
Replacing it with a method that was simply absurd.

Whole language she championed, sight words were her creed,
Ignoring the alphabet's song they so desperately need.
With no understanding of sounds or their connection,
Reading became a puzzle, a source of frustration.

Parents watched in dismay as their children struggled,
Frustration grew, the hope of reading smuggled.
The blame fell on this teacher, this misguided guide,
Who failed to equip these kids for the reading tide.

But now, the truth must come to light,
For these young minds deserve what is right.
A new generation of teachers must rise,
And break these chains of illiteracy's disguise.

With phonics in their hearts, and letters on their lips,
They'll guide the children in their reading trips.
No longer tricked by the wrong way to read,
The path to literacy will clearly lead.

So let us learn from this woeful tale,
And ensure our children's minds never fail.
Let phonics be the bedrock of their learning,
And in their reading journey, let them keep on yearning.

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