Tuesday, September 19, 2023

In one pan, roast fish with cherry delight,
A meal to savor, a mouthwatering sight.
Reduce your drinking, for your health, they say,
Embark on sobriety, a better way.

Books that can help, a world to explore,
Escape reality, let your mind soar.
Discover Albania's Vjosa River's tale,
Timeless beauty, an adventure set sail.

The 91-year-old legend, Gay Talese,
Unveils a new book, hear his storytelling breeze.
Engage in the Spelling Bee, test your word might,
Champion the crossword, a linguistic fight.

In this realm of puzzles, let your mind bend,
Wordle awaits, a riddle to transcend.
Find these challenges, all within one place,
A pastime to enrich, a mental embrace.

And as the day concludes, our briefing ends,
Thanks for joining, dear readers and friends.
Natasha and her team, they bid adieu,
But remember, their email awaits you.

Oh, and a moment of pride, they proclaim,
The Times, accolades of travel they came.
From the Society of American Travel Writers,
Six awards earned, esteemed praise igniters.

So let Tuesday's briefing be your guide,
To inspire, entertain, and turn the tide.
From recipes to puzzles, wisdom to explore,
A world of delights, behind each closed door.

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