Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday's Briefing, a daily delight,
A dose of news, from dawn till night.
From no-knead bread to a musical array,
Here's what happened on this fine day.

In the kitchen, dough to be made,
No-knead bread, a culinary crusade,
Mix and wait, let yeast bloom,
Soon a masterpiece shall loom.

In theaters, "Flora and Son,"
A musical journey, a rousing fun,
Irish humor, family strife,
A mother's love, the heart of life.

Lace up your shoes, get ready to run,
Start with short distances, get it done.
Feel the sweat drip, the heart race,
Challenge yourself, pick up the pace.

Chicago beckons, a city so grand,
Spend 36 hours, explore the land.
From deep-dish pizza to art so grand,
A vibrant pulse, in every street it's fanned.

Spelling Bee, a battle of words,
Sharp minds clash, like flying birds.
Spellbound audience, nerves on the rise,
Letter by letter, intellect never dies.

Mini Crossword and Wordle, mind games galore,
Puzzling challenges, you can't ignore.
Tease your brain, solve the clues,
Whizzing through, there's nothing to lose.

So, as the briefing comes to an end,
Thanks for joining, my cherished friend.
And meet the new chief, Natasha's her name,
For news and puzzles, she's your flame.

In this glimpse of world affairs,
Friday's briefing, beyond compare.
A tapestry woven, stories so vast,
A brief escape from life, made to last.

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