Saturday, March 23, 2024

In the realm of theatre, where emotions swirl,
Uncle Vanya's tale unravels, an anxious whirl.
A drama that mirrors our post-Covid fears,
Echoes of existential dread, it brings tears.

As purebred plays stand proud in the spotlight's glare,
Uncle Vanya's tangled yarn we choose to wear.
A study of paralysis in a modern age,
Where inner turmoil fuels life's somber stage.

A family trapped on a rural estate's plight,
In a world where culture seems out of sight.
An academic's arrival stirs chaos deep,
Unearthing secrets they struggle to keep.

The professor, self-absorbed, blind to his kin,
His young wife's allure stirs desires within.
Uncle Vanya crushed by the weight of it all,
A poignant reminder of how we can fall.

So let us delve into this tangled thread,
Where listening hurts more than it ever fed.
For in the messiness of Chekhov’s play,
We find reflections of our anxious dismay.

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