Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Oh, Wednesday, how you come with delight,
Bringing tidings of a tempting feast,
Miso-honey chicken, and asparagus bright,
A sheet-pan meal, a culinary feat.

But alas, not just food shall we receive,
For the web can be a treacherous place,
Parents, heed this warning, and believe,
Keep your kids safe, in cyberspace.

And let us not forget the sorrow,
The pain of loss, of aching heart,
Through ancient Greek tragedies we borrow,
To understand grief, its every part.

In the realm of entertainment,
New series emerge, young Black culture's embrace,
Ambitious and bold, a testament,
To the resilience of the human race.

Now, let us challenge our knowledge and skill,
With the Spelling Bee, a mental test,
Unravel the letters, bend them to your will,
And emerge as the one who's truly the best.

And as we bid farewell, my dear,
To this Wednesday's briefing, we end,
But fear not, for we shall reappear,
With more tales and puzzles to transcend.

So thank you for joining, one and all,
Natasha and her team, stand tall,
For any inquiries, big or small,
Reach us at, enthralled.

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