Monday, October 16, 2023

In the heart of New Orleans, a culinary delight,
A restaurant that fills your senses with pure delight.
Clancy's, a charming bistro, hidden from the street,
Where French and Creole flavors gracefully meet.

With linen-covered tables and a bustling ambiance,
Clancy's captures the essence of New Orleans elegance.
Owned by Mr. Hollingsworth, a man with a dream,
And Chef Brian Larson, their partnership supreme.

The menu is a fusion, Paris meets the Mississippi shore,
From turtle soup to shrimp rémoulade, they have much more.
Indulge in sweetbreads du jour, a dish so divine,
Or fried oysters smothered in melted Brie, a taste so fine.

Fresh Gulf finfish cooked with butter, a delectable delight,
Each bite a celebration of flavors, a harmonious sight.
And for dessert, a lemon icebox pie, a true sensation,
A sweet ending to a meal that sparks joyful elation.

Clancy's, a haven for food lovers near and far,
Where culinary artistry shines like a bright star.
So, venture to Annunciation Street, where magic resides,
And taste the best of New Orleans, where indulgence presides.

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