Wednesday, March 6, 2024

In Fritch, where disasters have shown,
From tornadoes to fires, they've known,
Mickey German's heart aches,
As another town breaks,
Yet in tough times, their strength is grown.

The Renegade witnessed the fight,
In '92, a storm's cruel might,
200 homes laid low,
Yet Fritch's spirits glow,
Resilience shines in the darkest night.

Mother's Day in 2014, a fire,
Took 225, their hopes grew dire,
Now in 2022,
A town once more blew,
But Fritch won't let their hope expire.

1.2 million acres ablaze,
In Texas, where the wildfire stays,
Mickey, homeless again,
Endures heartache and pain,
Yet in Fritch, hope forever stays.

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