Thursday, March 7, 2024

In the grand halls of power and might,
Biden stands tall, ready to fight,
His economic record shining bright,
Defying all forecasts with pure delight.

He speaks of growth and lowered despair,
A contrast drawn with Trump's economic flair,
Legislation signed with utmost care,
To boost the economy, a vision rare.

Yet voters remain in a state of clue,
Unsure of the laws and what they accrue,
High prices for goods, a frustrating view,
Bidenomics challenged by Trump's debut.

But in this address, Biden will convey,
Plans for the future, a clear display,
Corporate taxes and housing in his sway,
Aiming to build an economy that will stay.

So as the State of the Union draws near,
Listen closely, for the vision's premiere,
Biden's agenda, crystal clear,
In a poetic dance of hope and fear.

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